The Pros and Cons of Freelancing

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How to Succeed as a Freelancer



  • Freedom

  • Control you own destiny

  • Control your own hours

  • Spare time and vacations

  • Building your own business

  • Being honest with yourself

  • Meeting tons of people

  • Moving around

  • Option to work onsite or in the privacy of your own home

  • Opportunity to get a much wider range of experience

  • Networking

  • Able to avoid company politics

  • Get to choose the projects you work on

  • Having a choice

  • Everything is a tax write off

  • Making your own rates

  • Making lots of money

  • The promise of all the Pros

  • Working all of the time

  • Looking for work

  • Similar to gambling

  • Guilt

  • Nerve wracking in the beginning

  • Working in house as a full time freelancer while the company is going public

  • Taking the blame

  • Paying quarterly taxes

  • Always moving around

  • Getting paid

  • Not always taken as seriously as a staff designer

  • Sole responsibility for getting the job done

  • Being non-human and living with vampires

  • Turning work down

  • Responsible for your own health care

  • Making sure the lifestyle works with you

  • Freelancing is in your personality or it is not

Many heart felt thanks to the following freelance artists for their contributions to this lecture.
Sophia Latto, Dave Weisman, Holly Lau, Christine Heun, Mary Nelson, Tania Frontera, Karen Heimann and Kosta Potamianos.

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